Read on to find out about some of our arts and cultural opportunities and experiences for the academic year 2019-2020


KS2 visit to watch 'The Lion King' @ Bristol Hippodrome  - Wednesday, 18th September 2019


Words cannot really describe how you feel when you have watched something as incredible as the Lion King. As this remarkable show came to an end, children and staff didn’t know whether to stand or sit, to clap, shout or cheer, to laugh or cry. The reality was that all of those things happened! There were tears of joy, whoops of delight and many were just stunned into silence by the entire experience. It was a breathtaking show, and as one little lad (who shall remain nameless) said, “Is it really finished? I can’t believe it’s over! That’s the best thing I have EVER seen!” The music, the costumes, the staging, the lights, the splendid acting - they all work together majestically to totally absorb you in what can only be described as a phenomenal story-telling extravaganza. It was an incredible privilege to take 60 children from KS2 to Bristol to watch the show at the city’s famous old Hippodrome and they all represented the school magnificently. Their behaviour and attitudes were exemplary and many members of the public commented on the outstanding conduct of our children. Well done to everyone who came along, we are very proud of you, and a huge thanks to all of the staff for their hard work. A special mention must be made of Mrs. Tyrrell who helped greatly in preparation for the visit. Memories that will last a lifetime were made and it can only be described as one of the very best Tirlebrook school trips ever.