Tirlebrook Virtual Primary School

Welcome to Tirlebrook's Virtual Primary School!

Schools officially closed their doors to children on Friday 20th March 2020 when the Government announced the enforced closure of all schools settings due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. However, when one door is closed, another one opens...and another...and another! Tirlebrook Primary School may have closed, but the Tirlebrook Virtual Primary School opened!

Children, parents and teachers very quickly adjusted to a new type of schooling and learning through a new digital learning platform, embraced the new series of challenges they were facing and stepped up to show what a brilliant school community Tirlebrook really is. Each step of the way, children, families and teachers have all worked together and supported each other magnificently.

Throughout the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Tirlebrook's core values of CREATIVITY, COMMUNITY, ENVIRONMENT and POSITIVE ATTITUDE have continued to play a vital role in the identity of our school and children have continued to EXPLORE, ENJOY and EXCEL in their learning TOGETHER despite being apart.

During the school term, children have followed a daily scheme and diet of learning to support, consolidate, promote and develop the learning covered so far this academic year and has featured reading, writing and maths activities, opportunities to enjoy art and design, science, languages and music as well as activities that encourage physical exercise. Our Virtual Primary School curriculum offer is broad and balanced and covers many areas of the National Curriculum, as well as the Curriculum for Life, i.e. Life Skills.

During the school holidays, children have been offered a BINGO-style selection of age-appropriate activities to engage, inspire and motivate them.

We have missed the children and the familiar daily routine of school life, however we have enjoyed exploring the opportunities that a virtual learning environment has offered. On a daily basis, we have been delighted, amazed and surprised with the dedication, engagement, resilience, determination, creativity and passion of our children and their attitudes to learning under increasingly challenging circumstances. We are very proud of each and every member of our school community.   

Tirlebrook Challenges

Each week, alongside their daily program of Home Learning activities, children are invited to take part in a series of challenges. Our challenges are fun, encourage creativity and cover a wide range of subjects across the curriculum: from maths to English, music to art, science to technology and PE. Not only that, our weekly challenges are topical, with some responding to events happening within our local community. Most importantly, our weekly challenges unite our school community in a time when we find ourselves scattered.

We have seen incredible participation from members of the entire school community, from our very youngest to our very oldest, and we can't wait for you to take a look!

Tirlebrook's Virtual Sports Day 2020

Blue Skies Art Challenge

Spiral Art Challenge

Picasso Cardboard Art Challenge

Art Masterpiece Challenge

STEM Marble Run Challenge

Summer Solstice Art Challenge

Get Caught Doodling Challenge

Symphony for Nigel

TOP SECRET Birthday Challenge

Novelty Hair Styles (NHS) Charity Challenge

Captain Tom's Birthday Challenge

Seaside Art Challenge

Record Breakers Challenge

Tirlebrook Staff Dance Challenge

Nature in Art - Leaf Art Challenge

Rainbow Challenge

VE Day - Stay at Home Street Party Challenge

Get Caught Reading Challenge

Summer Week 11 - 6th July 2020

Summer Week 8 - 15th June 2020

Half Term in Review

Summer Week 3 - 4th May 2020

Summer Week 10 - 29th June 2020

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Summer Week 5 - 18th May 2020

Summer Week 2 - 27th April 2020

Summer Week 9 - 22nd June 2020

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Summer Week 1 - 20th April 2020