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Clubs @ Tirlebrook Primary School

Staff at Tirlebrook are passionate about providing our children with additional opportunities outside of the classroom learning environment. Many of the before and after school clubs on offer are inspired by the interests, skills and expertise of the staff who lead them; our clubs on offer also recognise and respond to the interests of the children. Each term, we offer a range of clubs and activities that inspire the children, challenge them, feed into their areas of interest and introduce them to new and exciting hobbies and skills. 

Dance Club

Key Stage 2 Dance Club is always very popular and currently has over 30 members. Whether the children regularly attend dance groups outside of school, or whether they are completely new to dance, the group come together to have fun and choreograph a dance together. Last term, the group worked collaboratively to produce a dance to the song ‘Rise’. Each week the children learnt some steps, which were then rehearsed and refined over several weeks, culminating in an informal performance for their parents. We look forward to sharing more of our dances throughout the year, with our main performance being at the 'Feet First Festival' at Cheltenham Town Hall. 

Origami Club

During the Autumn term, everyone had a great time at Origami club carefully folding special paper to create a range of different animals (no glue allowed!) Over the course of several weeks, the children were able to make whales, rabbits, frogs, swans, Christmas trees, penguins and even a reindeer! Everyone was also able to make the most famous and recognisable origami animal as well - the crane!

Craft & Construction Club

We started our creative journey by exploring the theme of monsters. By looking at various images, we discussed their frightening features, such as spikes, tails, horns, fangs, and claws. The children designed their own monsters and made them out of junk modelling resources and paper plates. We then followed the seasons and special calendar events over the remaining weeks, as the children created firework pictures using pastels and glitter, autumnal reefs and hedgehogs using fallen leaves collected from the playground, and finally created Christmas stockings to hang up at home. Lots of​ marvellous, messy fun was had by all!

Chess Club

At Chess Club, we welcome players of all abilities! Some children join with no knowledge of the game while others consider themselves to be experts! Those with no knowledge of this strategic game learn how to play by firstly being able to identify the pieces and discovering the rules for how they move. Children are then coached to play the game and gradually build their knowledge and confidence for playing against an opponent. The child experts among the group members support our new players with their moves, strategies and games while providing plenty of support and encouragement! The children look forward to our club tournaments but mostly, they look forward to challenging a teacher or school member of staff to a match and testing their strategic abilities!