Health & Wellbeing Week 2017

Many events took place during this special week. Some, such as Inter-House competitions, representative school fixtures and our School Games Sports Day can be found under the 'Sporting Event Reports 2016-2017' tab. Here you will find some other information about what happened during the week and what some of our key messages have been this year.


We launched Health & Wellbeing Week with an important assembly that also introduced an important theme of the week, LACES. One of this year’s key messages has seen us encouraging the children to ‘Tie Your LACES’ which means a lot more than just making sure you don’t trip over your own feet! LACES is an acronym for a toolkit to help us to improve our mental health and wellbeing, and stands for Learn, Activate, Connect, Evaluate & Enjoy and Share. Picking ourselves and each other up when we are feeling down, when our self-esteem is low or when we are struggling to believe in our own abilities and capabilities is something that we can all find difficult. Using the LACES toolkit can really make all the difference. To improve our mood and state of mental wellbeing, we can Learn something new, we can Activate our bodies and do some exercise, we can Connect with others and be sociable rather than isolating or excluding ourselves, we can Evaluate our circumstances and begin to recognise when we are feeling down and then do something we Enjoy to combat this, and finally we can Share by giving our time, our energy, our attention and our effort to others, rather than just ourselves. The children were encouraged to keep a LACES log book throughout the week to reflect on when they had chosen to use the LACES toolkit. During the assembly, the winner of the ‘LACES Log Book Front Cover Design Competition’ was revealed. This was Bea Prosser from Rowan Class and her design showed all of the LACES strategies, along with a great Health and Wellbeing logo. Congratulations, Bea!

Throughout the week, there were further opportunities to think about LACES across a range of activities. These included PSHCE sessions during which elements of keeping healthy, including how having a healthy approach to lifestyle and maintaining a positive emotional state, were explored. This was also the case in specific Science sessions that were focused on healthy diet and healthy teeth.


As part of the national campaign for #ThisGirlCan, Tirlebrook held their very own #ThisGirlCan day, themed around encouraging more girls to participate in sport and exercise. We started the week being inspired by Nicky Harveson, a cycling coach from Cheltenham, who came into school on Monday afternoon along with her bike Hope. This was followed up with a special assembly on Thursday during which two students from Tewkesbury School came over to Tirlebrook to share their experiences and love of sport. They were inspirational and encouraging. Alex came in to tell us all about her journey in netball, from primary school, to academies, to playing for the county and to finishing seventh with her team in the National Championships for her age-group. Evie, on the other hand, shared her love of umpiring and supporting. It was great to hear them both encouraging the children to be part of a team, a community and a sports family. They told us all about how their relationships, confidence and enjoyment of sport have helped them to develop as young people. To conclude our special assembly, we watched a clip of our Tewkesbury Athletics competition from earlier in the week, in which Ava demonstrated phenomenal determination and effort to cross the finish line first in a very close race. This helped us to celebrate the girls that we have that love sport already. But it also showed just how amazing sport can be, for boys, for girls, for everyone!

Throughout the day, the children in school were separated into boys groups and girls groups and then participated in the same activities. The KS2 children completed team work activities, netball and rugby games and fun obstacle races. The girls were then given the opportunity to chat about sport and exercise, discussing reasons for and against doing sport. By the end of their session, all of the girls seemed extremely positive about the time they had spent during #ThisGirlCan day. Many of the girls said that they would love to do those types of activities together more often. We believe that the girls and boys had equally experienced these activities in a positive manner. Let's keep it up girls!


 Soul Space - Monday 12th - Wednesday 14th June 2017

For the fourth successive year, we were delighted to welcome back Ruth and the team from the Tewkesbury Churches, who ran Soul Space sessions for all of the children from Year 1 to Year 6 across a three-day period. These sessions were very reflective and gave the children some time and space to think about themselves, their families, the world and their place in it. These times are always special and the inviting activities coupled with the calm and caring atmosphere engaged every child as they reflected on their own lives and their emotions.