Read on to find out about our sporting curricular and extra-curricular opportunities

as well as other experiences for the academic year 2021-2022


Move More Tewkesbury District Cross Country Race 1 – Thursday, 30th September

It was a wild, wet and windy Thursday afternoon that greeted our first Cross Country race at the Vineyards for over 18 months, but it wasn’t just rain that swept over us. It was truly emotional to finally get back together in a sporting context in such a wonderful way, competing as a school with other children across the town with huge support from parents, families and friends. Having attended every Cross Country race in Tewkesbury for the past 21 years, including the ones when I was recovering from illness, never have I felt such emotion, such pride and such joy at being there. As a father, I was delighted to be able to support my own daughter as she participated for one of our rival schools, but the immense pride I felt for our Tirlebrook school community was what swept over me most as we gathered together as children, families and staff to participate. From me, it is a huge thank you. Thank you to the children for their wonderful team spirit, energy, confidence, commitment, resilience, joy and determination. Thank you to the parents for their wonderful support, enthusiasm and excitement despite the pretty dreadful weather. Thank you to Mrs. Featonby and Mrs. Moysey for their dedication, kind words, inspiration and encouragement and ultimately their willingness to be involved so that every participating Tirlebrook pupil could have such a positive experience. And thank you to Jo Leggett from Move More, the other volunteer teachers from across Tewkesbury and the visiting Hartpury students for coordinating, managing, marshalling and enabling so that children from across the town could take part in Cross Country races once more. Cross Country is my favourite sporting event of the academic calendar. Anyone can take part, everyone has the opportunity to represent their school and whether you finish first, last or somewhere in between is of no real consequence, it is the attitude in which you do this that matters. Quite simply, Cross Country builds character and brings out the very best in our children … as you will find out. I’m delighted that it’s back … and I can’t wait until next week! Mrs. Featonby writes,

Proud, proud, proud! There are no words to describe how proud we felt as 38 of our Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 children took to the start line for our very first Cross Country race of the season. And wasn’t it great to be back? It was an incredibly positive environment to be in. The course was surrounded by supportive friends, family and even dogs(!) all gathering to cheer for their children and their school. It felt so wonderful to be back doing what we love - getting involved in sports events and competing as a team. Not only did each child finish the race (still smiling I will add!), but we had some phenomenal results! Our first girl and boy to finish for Tirlebrook achieved 5th position, an incredible result considering over 85 girls and 140 boys took part! Congratulations to Georgie and Sami for this incredible achievement. And it doesn’t stop there: further top thirty position finishes were achieved in 6th (Isaac Cu), 8th (Stanley M), 9th (Alex C), 11th (Scarlet O), 15th (Urte M), 18th (Ben R), 19th (Jack R), 22nd (Layla H & Jacob P), 26th (Jack R’son), 29th (Betsy W) & 30th (Jack H) … all absolutely incredible results! And some of these results have come from our youngest runners from Year 4! Importantly, as brilliant as these results are, there is so much more to Cross Country and to see all of our children run their race, finish with determination and do their best filled our hearts with pride. Each and every one of them was brilliant, successful, triumphant … and we are so delighted for each one of them, no matter their finishing position. One of the most special and incredible moments of events like this is watching children fight to the very end, to watch them walk, then run, then finish with grit and determination and to simply see them cross that finish line knowing they have achieved something wonderful. They should feel mightily proud and incredibly happy knowing what an amazing thing they have managed to accomplish, both as individuals but also representing Tirlebrook. As each child finished their race, Tirlebrook families cheered excitedly and there were more than one or two tears at the end. We thank everyone so much for their support and encouragement. It really does make such a difference to the children, especially towards the end when they need that little bit of help to finish such a challenge. We are extremely proud of our whole school community, but especially our wonderful, dedicated, positive, determined children that we are so lucky to call our pupils. Well done to all of our runners. You are ‘Simply the Best!’

Perhaps you can tell that Mrs. Featonby and I absolutely love Cross Country - we can’t contain our pride!

But There’s More …

We cannot leave the story of Week 1 without celebrating some real heroes. Firstly, congratulations to Martha C for supporting one of her classmates along the finishing straight and across the line as he determinedly completed the course. This was a tremendous display of encouragement and kindness. However, I must reserve some special words for both Joshua T and Isaac Co. Joshua is an excellent runner but began to struggle with his breathing part way round the course. Quite simply, Isaac sacrificed his own race ambitions, stopped to care for Joshua, then alerted an adult to help out as Joshua struggled to catch his breath. Isaac then ran on to complete the race, finishing impressively in 60th position. Joshua too made it round the course, albeit in 141st place, but he did not give up, and despite being unable to breathe normally, he pushed himself to finish what he started. What incredible inspiration these children are to us all! Isaac has been awarded a prestigious Headteacher’s Award for his actions, and Joshua a Determination School Games values band. Martha has also been recognised, being awarded a Teamwork band. Well done!

Team: Sami B, Alex C, Poppy C, Isaac Co, Martha C, Georgie C, Isaac Cu, Finley D, Leo G, Katie G, Maisie G, Erin G, Hunter H, Layla H, Joshua H, Alfie H, Olivia H, Jack H, Ryan H, Matilda K, Theo L, Jack L, Bella M, Urte M, Stanley M, Scarlet O, George O, Jacob P, Saxon P, Theo P, Ben R, Jack R, Jack R’son, Noah T, Emily T, Joshua T, Betsy W & Hannah W

Move More Archery Competition – Monday, 27th September

We were delighted to be able to take a group of 16 children to participate in Move More’s Archery Competition, held at Tewkesbury Rugby Club on Monday 27th September. Congratulations to all of the children who took part – they represented Tirlebrook brilliantly and were ready, respectful and responsible at all times. Mrs. McKenna and Miss. Moysey write,

‘The group were all really excited to be participating. They were split into two teams, one Year 6 team and one Year 5 team. The weather started off lovely, however got rather soggy towards the end of the afternoon … but the children remained positive! They each had a practice at the archery with an instructor teaching them the basics. They then competed against the other schools putting their skills into practice. All children showed a great level of determination even when the wind was blowing their arrows off target. Christopher stood out especially with an outstanding score of 130 (highest score of the whole competition) and getting a bullseye! This contributed towards a brilliant result for our Year 6 team who finished in first place overall, winning gold medals. Everyone showed multiple School Games values throughout the event and represented Tirlebrook brilliantly. Although it was a difficult choice, the following School Games values bands were awarded: Passion – Harrison (Y6); Teamwork – Alfie (Y5); Self–Belief – Lily (Y6) and Martha (Y5). In a special moment, Alfie felt that a member of his team deserved the Teamwork values band more than he did and so he awarded it to Hunter (Y5). Now that’s team spirit right there! Well done to everyone who participated! What a wonderful afternoon.’

Huge thanks to Mrs. Featonby for organising our participation in the event and to Mrs. McKenna and Miss. Moysey for accompanying and supporting the children at the competition.

Team: Charlie A, Martha C, Caiomie D, Finley D, Jamie F, Katie G, Hunter H, Alfie H, Olivia H, Harrison J-S, Mateusz K, Lily M, Saxon P, Isla S, Rosie S & Christopher W

KS2 Ten-Pin Bowling Event – Tuesday, 21st September 2021

It was a real privilege to take a team of six Year 6 children to Hollywood Bowl in Cheltenham to take part in Move More’s first competition of the year, the Ten-Pin Bowling event. Our team thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were superbly supportive to each other throughout, encouraging their teammates when balls missed the target and celebrating when strikes and spares were achieved in equal measure. Overall, it was a really successful event for Tirlebrook as we finished in third place overall out of ten teams competing, picking up some really lovely bronze medals. Ben finished as Tirlebrook’s top scorer, achieving a brilliant score of 112 in the overall team score of 526. Most importantly, the School Games values of Teamwork, Respect, Self-Belief and Passion were all on display and the children all had a lot of fun. Well done, everyone!

Team: Naomi B, Olivia C-H, Lulu-Mai C, Miles C, Ben Ri and Ahmad S