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At Tirlebrook Primary School, we have devised an exciting History curriculum that provides a window into the past.

It is our intention that children at Tirlebrook Primary School don’t just study history from the outside looking in, but that venture on a journey together to be transported through time and given the tools and experiences to be fully immersed in the incredibly rich and diverse nature of the history of our planet at a local, national and global scale.

It is our aim that through exposure to a wide range of engaging experiences and resources, our children will be inspired and develop a growing enjoyment, fascination and curiosity for the learning of history. We intend to promote enquiry into the past through the careful study and interpretation of people, places, societies, cultures, religions, traditions and environments, with the aim of nurturing independent thinking among our children. Our Tirlebrook history curriculum will allow our children to confidently express their views and participate in deep, thoughtful and considered discussion, leading to our children becoming articulate young historians.

Through our carefully considered approach to the teaching of history, it is our plan to ensure that, supported by specific knowledge, key facts and precise vocabulary, the children at Tirlebrook Primary School will develop a set of progressively advancing and transferrable skills required to be a resilient historian. As a result, our children will be challenged to make links between and across historical topics and themes, thus prompting them to learn from the past, reflect on their values and understand how it can influence the future.

We seek to stimulate the minds of all children at Tirlebrook Primary School through our history curriculum, with the intent of empowering them to thrive and achieve the best they can now and in their future learning.


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