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At Tirlebrook Primary School we have designed an exciting and personalised curriculum for the teaching of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL).

It is our intention to foster a love of languages learning in all children through a variety of engaging and exciting experiences and opportunities. We strive to develop children’s curiosity about languages and language learning, leading to enjoyment and achievement for all.

Our Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum progressively develops children’s skills in languages and allows for them to acquire, develop and embed essential communication skills. Through activities that promote speaking, listening, reading and writing, children’s knowledge of how language works is continually developed and built on, laying the foundations for further language learning. It is important to us that our children develop an understanding of the value of learning languages, knowing how important other languages will be in their future.

Through exposure to spoken and written language, stories, songs, poems, rhymes and drama, children at Tirlebrook Primary School will speak and write with increasing confidence and fluency, using and applying a growing bank of broad vocabulary to communicate appropriately and with resilience. 

Learning a language at Tirlebrook Primary School is an opening to the rich diversity that different cultures to our own have to offer. It is important to us that cultures thriving within in our locality, in the UK and in different countries around the world are celebrated. Our Languages Curriculum will enable children to explore the cultural capital of another country through its unique language and traditions. Our intention is for children to be excited about the possibility of future study and work in other countries, having developed understanding, appreciation and respect for the world we live in.

It is our intention that our progressive Languages Curriculum, will enable the children at Tirlebrook Primary School will know more, remember more and understand more and be fully equipped for the next stage in their language learning.


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