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At Tirlebrook Primary School, using the Gloucestershire agreed syllabus for RE, we have designed a bespoke approach for the delivery of our Religious Education curriculum.

It is our intention to enable all pupils to explore what people believe and what difference it makes to how they live. We foster an atmosphere of understanding and tolerance as the children learn about Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism as well as other world religions and non-religious world views.

It is our intention to ensure that teaching is engaging and creative and the children’s learning offers a varied range of experiences and opportunities in which they can excel. We strive to develop the children’s positive attitudes towards all people, regardless of their personal religious or non-religious beliefs, leading to them becoming tolerant and responsible members of their future communities. Children are taught to develop their understanding of religious vocabulary in order to use it fluently and confidently in conversation and written work.

We strive to deliver our Religious Education curriculum through activities that promote speaking, listening, reading, writing and responding creatively. As a result, we intend for our pupils to become well-equipped with systematic knowledge and understanding to enable them to develop their own ideas, values and identities. Children who attend our school will learn about religions and beliefs in local, national and global contexts, to discover, explore and consider different answers to these questions. It is important to us that we develop an aptitude for dialogue in our children so that they can articulate themselves and are ready to participate positively and respectfully in our society, with its diverse religions and beliefs.

Our pupils will undertake and enjoy a range of learning experiences including handling of artefacts, exposure to written and visual stories, dance, creative and first-hand experiences.  Children at Tirlebrook Primary School will be taught how to speak and write with increasing confidence about the beliefs and lives of people of all faiths and beliefs communicating clearly and with increasing levels of empathy and understanding. Our resilient learners become able to make connections and draw on prior knowledge across a range of subjects.

We believe that through our carefully planned and completely accessible Religious Education curriculum, our pupils will know more, remember more and understand more about core beliefs and religions in our diverse and multi-cultural society.


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