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At Tirlebrook Primary School we have designed a computing curriculum that enables all children to explore, enjoy and excel in their learning together.

It is our intention to deliver a computing curriculum that ensures our children have the best possible opportunity to progressively build and develop a full range of necessary life-skills that will enable them to have the confidence to embrace and utilise technology confidently and in a socially responsible and safe way. Our delivery of the computing curriculum will not be restricted to direct teaching, but also indirect teaching and use across the entire curriculum experience that children at Tirlebrook Primary School receive.

Through our curriculum delivery, we will strive to encourage the creative use of technology that will develop critical thinking skills and resilience in response to problem solving. Not only do we want our children to be digitally literate and competent users of a range of hardware and software, we also want our children to develop the knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm for exploring how the technology works. We believe that computing and computer science is a world-wide language and if we can facilitate our children in understanding this language by providing first-hand experiences that encourage the accurate use of technical language and vocabulary, our computing curriculum will allow all children to become articulate within this subject area, therefore unlocking many pathways for achievement within the global community, both now and in the future.

It is the aim of our computing curriculum that our children respect the value of technology. As such, our e-safety curriculum within the computing curriculum is designed to teach children, about the positive and negative impacts of technology in the world we live in today. We want our children to understand and value the many benefits of the internet but ensure that they also understand how to stay safe online.

It is important to us that the teaching and learning experiences we provide our children through our computing curriculum allow them to develop positive attitudes towards computing and give them the necessary tools to participate successfully in an ever changing and increasingly technological world.


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