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At Tirlebrook Primary School we have designed a bespoke curriculum for the teaching of maths. By adopting a mastery approach, it is our vision that all children will develop the necessary skills to be articulate, confident and resilient mathematicians and that all of our pupils can achieve and excel in maths.

We are committed to providing every child with a maths curriculum that inspires and challenges and therefore ensures that every pupil leaves Tirlebrook Primary School fully equipped with the mathematical knowledge and skills ready to succeed in the future.  We strive to develop the natural curiosity of children and a love of maths and have resoundingly replaced the attitude of ‘I can’t do it’ with ‘I can’t do it ... yet!

Here at Tirlebrook Primary School, we endeavour to progressively develop the pupils’ mathematical knowledge and understanding in every lesson and in every unit across every year group. Using skilful teaching and questioning, we aim to achieve this through the use of concrete, pictorial and abstract models – not as a linear progression but using all three in combination to support our children’s learning. In turn, this allows children to justify their answers, explain their reasoning and convince others of their ideas.  Skilled, systematic teaching of terminology and language allows our pupils to articulate these ideas using precise mathematical vocabulary.

In every lesson, children confidently choose the apparatus and resources they feel they need in order to be successful, before discussing their ideas. Children are expected to be able to explain their answers at each point and develop the confidence to discuss, reason and disagree thus deepening their understanding through dialogue. Children at Tirlebrook Primary School are able to develop their mathematical fluency, making links with other areas of maths, through teacher led, paired and then independent work, with immediate teacher led intervention for children who need to consolidate their learning; this allows all to access the learning and achieve together. It is our intention to stimulate the minds of all learners through the key principles of reasoning and problem solving and we ensure that these are embedded in every lesson.

Giving our children time to explore each key learning point, fills them with the confidence to be able to make mistakes and, essentially, learn from them. Through our maths curriculum, we aim to develop the necessary skills in children for them to be able to master maths by knowing more, remembering more and understanding more. When children leave Tirlebrook Primary School, they will do so fully equipped for the next stage of their learning, as confident and masterful mathematicians who are passionate about maths and the future possibilities it opens up for them.


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