Art lessons are really fun. Our teachers make sure we get to use different skills. I really like it when our art lessons are linked with our topic as it makes it even more enjoyable to learn about. Painting is my favourite lesson. I like learning about different artists because they inspire me. Arts Week is really awesome as we get to take part in lots of different art activities...we get to draw, paint, use pastels, use clay...I love it!

Art & Design at Tirlebrook Primary School

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At Tirlebrook Primary School, we have designed a bespoke curriculum for the teaching of art and design.

We believe that art and design plays a vital role in the teaching and learning of our pupils. It provides them with opportunities to develop a range of ways in which they can share and express their individual creativity, whilst gaining an understanding of their own and others’ cultural heritages through studying a diverse range of artists throughout history.

It is our intention that our curriculum enables children to express themselves in a creative, imaginative manner through exploration. We intend to teach the children a skills-based curriculum, with individuality and creativeness flowing through everything they do. We encourage our learners to be to be risk takers, evaluators and reflective thinkers. 

Through teaching a wide range of vocabulary associated with the techniques of art and design and responding to art, children at Tirlebrook Primary School will speak with increasing confidence, fluency and knowledge; they will feel empowered to express their own opinions and be able to express themselves appropriately and with resilience. 

We recognise the vital role that art and design offers in nurturing curiosity, creativity and self-expression and take every opportunity for these skills to develop alongside resilience, confidence and critical thinking. In creating a wide range of products and artwork, these skills can then be transferred to other areas of the curriculum.

Visual arts and design enhance every subject area and bring learning to life. Year on year, our curriculum introduces every member of our school community to a wide range of art, artists and designers, including those from different periods of time, countries and cultures. This in turn develops this children’s position as world citizens who have a building understanding of how art and design impacts and enhances societies and our surroundings. Furthermore, children at Tirlebrook will be enabled to deepen their understanding of their own culture and gain awareness and respect for other cultures.

We believe that through our art and design curriculum, the children at Tirlebrook Primary School will explore, create and discuss with confidence, resilience and respect for diversity and ensure that they are fully equipped for the next stage in their art and design learning.


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Our art and design curriculum ensures that all children at Tirlebrook Primary School develop an appreciation for art and design through their experience of and participation in a wide range of learning activities - term on term and year on year. As a result, children at Tirlebrook Primary School enjoy their learning, are confident in demonstrating their skills (at an age-expected level) for a variety of outcomes and understand that achievement and success takes different forms and is valued on a personal level. Children at our school talk positively about art and design, look forward to the rich variety of artistic opportunities planned for them and reflect enthusiastically about their previous creative experiences.

Children at Tirlebrook Primary School are provided with opportunities to explore and experiment with a diverse range of art, styles and techniques that enables them to make choices about their preferred aspect of art and design and develop specific talents in an artistic skill that appeals to them the most, reflecting their personalities and sense of individuality. Consequently, children gain confidence and resilience across a broad spectrum of art and design related learning and outcomes.

Over time, children confidently draw on prior learning, knowledge and skills, recall previous examples of when they used similar skills and build on them, demonstrating progression in learning. Additionally, children’s technical vocabulary reflects the progression in their learning and they respond, reflect and speak about art and design knowledgeably, developing their own viewpoints and discuss their opinions with increasing respect, insight and precision. Children are informally assessed at the end of each unit to ensure that they have met age-related expectations in art and design.

Children at Tirlebrook Primary School are exposed to the work of a diverse range of art and artists; opportunities to study art and artists from different countries, cultures, ethnicities, religions and belief systems enables children at Tirlebrook Primary School to build their awareness and appreciation of the rich qualities that contribute to life in Britain and life around the world. Furthermore, this foundation for learning enables our children to celebrate art and design with context and meaning for life-long understanding and value.

We believe that our progressive art & design curriculum enables all children at Tirlebrook Primary School to enjoy, achieve and excel, ensuring that they are enthusiastic to move on to the next stage of their learning in art & design and prepared for the challenges ahead.