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It is our intent at Tirlebrook Primary School to provide a stimulating environment in which children are inspired to love reading, writing and drama. As a child grows up, being able to read and write confidently not only enables them to discover new facts and to learn at school, but also allows them to articulate their learning in a range of ways, often opening them up to a world of new ideas, stories and enjoyable opportunities along the way.

Our commitment to delivering a creative curriculum forms the basis of reading and writing at Tirlebrook Primary School. Both aspects of our English curriculum are planned and enriched through and across all subjects of the curriculum in order to provide children with the opportunity to read and write in a variety of meaningful and purposeful contexts. In this way, it is our intention to build opportunities where skills in reading and writing are transferrable and motivate and inspire children at our school in their English.  

It is our intention to embed the foundations of reading and writing throughout each child’s educational journey; through our unique and engaging programme of study, key grammar and punctuation skills will be practised and learned; spellings understood; reading methods and techniques will be mastered and handwriting skills will be secured. It is our aim to ensure that these skills are progressively taught throughout the years to provide access and challenge to all of our children.

To ensure our children develop a deep understanding of their community, their country and the wider world, it is our intent to supply all pupils with a rich and diverse reading and writing diet through literature from a range of cultures and perspectives. By doing this, it is not only our intention to provide our children with the opportunity to explore challenging and ambitious vocabulary but also an opportunity to nurture a respect and appreciation for the diversity of society and the world in which we live; this will also allow our children to develop a growing understanding of their own culture and that of others.

It is our intention that vision is that when children leave Tirlebrook, they do so as fearless and creative individuals, who are enthusiastic writers, readers and story tellers. 


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