Our Staff Team

Our school staff team work together to make Tirlebrook the successful school that we are very proud of.
Thank you to every single one of you - you make a huge difference to our school community.

Senior Leadership Team

Mr Simon Lockley Headteacher
Miss Tanya Jaryczewski Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Louise Akerman Pastoral Lead
Miss Samantha Stoker EYFS Lead

Class Teachers

Miss Samantha Stoker Oak Tree Class (Reception)
Mrs Louise Akerman Cherry Class (Year 1)
Mrs Karen Schofield Cherry Class (Year 1)
Mr Ben Crouch Willow Class (Year 2)
Mr Alistair Bebbington Maple Class (Year 3)
Ms Bethan Brown Silver Birch Class (Year 4)
Mrs Abby Featonby Silver Birch Class (Year 4)
Mrs Gemma Perry Rowan Class (Year 5)
Miss Tanya Jaryczewski Rowan Class (Year 5)
Mr Ben Mander Elder Class (Year 6)
Ms Jo Esberger Maternity Leave


Ms Helen Stratford SENDCo
Ms Ange Voller

Teaching Partners

Mrs Sue Moysey Oak Tree Class (Reception)
Mrs Rachael Tyrrell Cherry Class (Year 1)
Mrs Mel Booth Willow Class (Year 2)
Mrs Helen Assheton LKS2
Mrs Rachel Westlake UKS2
Miss Nadia Moysey UKS2

PPA Teachers

Mrs Susan Durrant
Mrs Nadine Haidon

Little Oaks Nursery Team

Mrs Lucy Knowles
Miss Molly Camden
Mrs Rebecca Haggath
Mrs Jayne Etheridge
Mrs Nikki Darby


Breakfast Club Team

Mrs Rachael Tyrrell
Mrs Debbie Plant
Mrs Helen Johnson

Tirlebrookers After-School Club Team

Mrs Nikki McKenna
Mrs Nikki Darby
Miss Nadia Moysey (Occasional Cover)


Administrative Team

Mrs Claire Thomas School Administrator
Mrs Debbie Plant Administration Support
Mrs Sarah Edwards Finance Support

Midday Supervisors and Play Leaders

Mrs Helen Assheton Mrs Nikki McKenna
Mrs Christina Bishop Mrs Ramsay
Mrs Julie Cappleman Mrs Rachael Tyrrell
Mrs Anna Garrott Mrs Debbie Walker
Mrs Keziah Gibson Mrs Rachel Westlake

Catering Team

Mrs Sarah Edwards Catering Manager & School Cook
Mrs Helen Johnson Catering Assistant

Cleaning Team

Mrs Sue Moysey Cleaning Supervisor
Mrs Ruth Ray
Mrs Donna Hobson
Mrs Carmelina Avossa