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Class Teacher: Miss Tanya Jaryczewski (Monday & Tuesday)

Class Teacher: Mrs Abby Featonby (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)

Teaching Partner: Miss Kat Hek

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What are Year 5 learning about this year?

Autumn Term

To Infinity And Beyond!

Children will explore and be inspired by the solar system in our topic ‘To Infinity and beyond’. Through a variety of learning activities, children will develop their knowledge of the moon, the Earth, and other planets, connect the links between them and secure their understanding of the impact this has on today’s world and our way of living. Science and scientific knowledge acquired will be creatively linked with art and design technology as children discover how space has inspired so many and continues to inspire as humans seek to voyage into our solar system and beyond. Building on prior learning and skills, children will revise the history of space travel and study the lives of significant individuals, therefore continuing to subtly develop skills in chronology and enquiry through their focussed learning.

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Y5 Residential 2022 - Introductory Parents Meeting

Y5 Residential 2022 - Rockley Point & Pupil Participation

QinetiQ Robotics Workshop (November 2021)

Spring Term

Traders & Raiders

Join us as we travel back in time to learn about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in our topic ‘Traders, Raiders and Settlers’. During his exciting period of British history, the children will step into the shoes of experts to find out about the first Anglo-Saxon and Viking traders, raiders and settlers and explore what life was like for them, before examining and interpreting artefacts and sources from the time to learn about their culture and the impact that this diverse society has had on Britain today. Children will develop skills that will enable them to enquire and dig deeper into directed aspects as well areas of individual interest. Children will also have the opportunity to apply their knowledge of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings creatively through art & design.

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Summer Term

Mysterious Maya

While developing an understanding of the Mayan Civilisation, children will be encouraged to make links and identify contrasts with other civilisations and societies from various periods of time from around the world, specifically British society. In the role of historians, children will study, enquire and investigate the impact this exciting civilisation has had on the modern world. Children will be exposed to significant aspects of Mayan culture including literature, tradition, art, music, religion and festivals through a range of creative and themed learning opportunities to extend their knowledge of the Maya, while also recalling, building on and developing prior learning and skills across the wider curriculum.

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Spring Term

Traders & Raiders

Once the life and culture of the Anglo-Saxon and Viking traders, raiders and settlers has been established, children will begin to develop their knowledge and understanding of how their settlements have changed and developed over time. What did settlements of the past look like? What might settlements of the future look like? Discover with us as we draw on prior knowledge to understand what settlers needed in order to survive, how this informed the development and evolution of a settlement and how land surrounding the settlement was, is and might be used. We will once again step into the shoes of the experts to interrogate the environmental impact that has arisen from settlement development and change in land-use over time, using our local area as a case study to learn from and debate. 

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Summer Term

Rainforests Rule!

Throughout the term, children will develop their knowledge and understanding of physical and human geography through the study of the rainforest, particularly the Amazon rainforest. Children will use maps, atlases and digital mapping to explore the geography of this region of our planet and learn how location can be described using lines of latitude and longitude and the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Children will discover how this exciting biome contrasts and compares with others. As ecologists, the children will investigate the cause and impact of deforestation and consider how human activity has impacted Brazil and its environment. Additionally, children will study the human geography of Brazil, including its towns and cities to contrast them to towns and cities of the United Kingdom and other areas of the world.

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Autumn Term 2020

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Spring Term 2020

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