Tirlebrook Primary School Uniform

At Tirlebrook, we are proud that our children come to school each day wearing their uniform smartly. We believe that wearing a school uniform celebrates our value of COMMUNITY, gives a sense of identity and belonging and ensures equality and inclusivity for all children. 

Our school colour is burgundy.

Uniform and other accessories with the school logo embroidered or printed onto them can be purchased from ShopKeepEasy or MyClothing. Items of uniform purchased through these companies support the school with a percentage of each item purchased being added to our school fund.

It is really important to keep all items of school uniform named so that any misplaced, missing or lost items can be easily and quickly reunited with their owners. Name labels for clothing, shoes, lunchboxes and other school items and accessories can be purchased through Stikins - all items purchased will support the school with a percentage of each item purchased being added to our school fund.


Girls' Uniform

  • Dark grey skirt / pinafore dress
  • Dark grey shorts / trousers
  • Burgundy checked summer dress
  • White shirt / blouse / polo shirt
  • Burgundy sweatshirt / cardigan (with school logo)
  • Burgundy fleece (with school logo)
  • Plain white socks (ankle or knee high)
  • Grey tights
  • Black shoes (flat) / black trainers

Boys' Uniform

  • Dark grey shorts / trousers
  • White shirt / polo shirt
  • Burgundy sweatshirt (with school logo)
  • Burgundy fleece (with school logo)
  • Grey / black socks
  • Black shoes (flat) / black trainers

PE Kit

  • Black football shorts / black cycle shorts / black leggings (outdoor & indoor PE sessions)
  • Black jogging trousers (outdoor PE sessions)
  • Plain white t-shirt
  • Plimsolls (outdoor & indoor PE sessions) – velcro fastenings are essential for younger children
  • Trainers (outdoor PE sessions)