Vision & Values

School Vision

Success for Tirlebrook is based on our shared vision: "Tirlebrook: Explore. Enjoy. Excel. Together.", with a focus on the life skills needed for all pupils to lead responsible, independent, confident and happy lives. The school has a welcoming, friendly ethos and values good behaviour and a rich, vibrant learning environment. We are committed to working together with the community and work hard to maintain the school’s family atmosphere, developing methods of communication to ensure the continued effectiveness of the school. We are developing a themed, creative curriculum including providing opportunities to enhance learning for all our children with visits and visitors. We continue to develop our working environment for all learners and have worked hard to develop consistency across our school. 

School Values

Positive AttitudeCreativityEnvironment and Community are the core values that drive our school. We share and celebrate success and reward excellence in our school community with weekly whole school celebration assemblies. During our assemblies, children are recognised for exhibiting our school values. Families are invited to attend and our house cup is also awarded. Achievements of our pupils outside of school are celebrated too. Three times a year we hold a Cup Assembly where we celebrate those pupils who have modelled our core values and award our core value medals and the school's core value cups.