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At Tirlebrook Primary School we have developed an engaging and inclusive curriculum for the teaching of Physical Education.

We believe that we provide a high-quality PE curriculum that offers children to build the foundations for understanding health and sport. PE is a unique, vital contributor to a pupil’s physical development and well-being. It is a key part of the education experience as a whole, in developing each child: physically, mentally and socially, providing them with the skills to excel in the future and to be ready for a healthy lifestyle after primary school.

We are committed to providing every child with a full, varied and stimulating education, which challenges, engages and excites staff and pupils alike. Our curriculum is balanced, paced and varied and enables all children to enjoy a variety of different skills and sports; this enables children to flourish and achieve in a variety of ways. Children are supported to discover new and exciting activities that helps to improve both their mental and physical fitness. Our Curriculum progressively develops children’s skills and understanding and builds on prior learning. Our aim is to help all children who attend our school to develop an enthusiasm and enjoyment of PE.

Through high expectations, children are able to challenge themselves and to work hard to learn new skills. It is our intention that they are encouraged to improve their own physical performance and assist others with their performance too. Each opportunity enables children to apply their own knowledge and to deepen their understanding, using accurate vocabulary to articulate their ideas and express themselves.

Developing great leaders is a high priority of ours and our curriculum is designed to facilitate this. Using sport leaders and sports council to plan and deliver our PE events, we offer many opportunities for the children to excel physically and in leadership too. We intend for children to recognise that skills developed within PE are skills that are transferable to many other parts of life. Using competitive games, children are able to build resilience, enabling them to develop a determined attitude and a growth mindset towards learning and sport.

We believe that through our carefully structured PE curriculum, the children at Tirlebrook Primary School will enjoy, explore and excel in PE with confidence, resilience and respect for themselves and one another.

Our school strives to inspire our pupils to be the best version of themselves – both physically and mentally. In is our intention that PE at Tirlebrook Primary School ensures that all children are exposed to a wide variety of opportunities to develop their physical and mental health, both individually and as a team. We believe that our pupils are provided with an exciting and enjoyable PE education that inspires them to adopt a positive, healthy and active lifestyle beyond primary school and into the next stages of their physical education.


At Tirlebrook Primary School Physical Education (PE) is delivered to all children through a series of weekly lessons. Sequences of lessons are carefully planned and resourced to ensure they are progressive and allow all children to be physically active, learn all about the human body and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, but also develop children’s determination, teamwork, resilience, self-belief, honesty and passion for PE.

Confident and well-trained teachers use Real PE, Real Gym and The Lancashire Scheme of Work as the primary resource to plan and deliver the National Curriculum expectations for PE. At Tirlebrook Primary School, we use the content and structure of Real PE to sequence lessons and units that are progressive and give the children access to new content to learn and skills to develop while building on prior learning and previously acquired skills. For the benefit of all children, to meet their needs and interests and to create an inclusive learning environment, these chosen schemes are adapted and may be further supplemented with additional teaching and learning opportunities, equipment and resources. Adapting these schemes allows for Tirlebrook Primary School’s ethos of making and building connections between subjects to be developed and reinforced (where possible and where appropriate to do so) in a meaningful way. Children at Tirlebrook Primary School are also taught swimming on an annual basis and benefit from the skill and expertise of external teachers. 

Beginning with our youngest children, the Tirlebrook Primary School PE curriculum supports the progressive development of skills in agility, balance, coordination and movement that are then applied across a variety of PE and sporting activities.

PE lessons are planned and delivered to be enjoyable learning opportunities for all children; we ensure that lessons encourage active participation and engagement through the use of competition and games, both as individuals and as part of a team. In each lesson, children are presented with a set of skills which they will work to achieve (either over the course of that lesson or over the course of a sequence of lessons) and are challenged to assess, develop and improve their own style, technique and performance - the use of digital technology forms part of this assessment process. Learning and lesson outcomes will vary according to the lesson skills being developed and the style of the activity completed. Children’s learning may be shared through performances, photographs and/or video media.

Alongside the formal teaching of PE lessons at Tirlebrook Primary School, a wide-range of additional PE and sporting activities and experiences that broaden and enrich our PE curriculum are regularly offered. Children participate in ‘Tirlebrook 10’ daily as an opportunity to increase activity levels, build stamina and socialise. In addition to this, children enjoy OPAL (Outdoor Play And Learning) at morning break and lunchtimes which, depending on the activities enjoyed, can build strength, stamina, sportsmanship etc. House sporting events where children participate, compete, exercise and work as a team are regularly facilitated to further develop the children’s skills and give children the chance to apply skills they have practiced, refined and developed through their weekly lessons and sequences of learning. Recent examples include Sports Day, House Football, House Netball etc. We value the links we have with external PE and sporting organisations, groups and companies that offer the children opportunities to take part in a selection of PE and sporting events before both at school and at alternative locations.

Children across the school are informally assessed in PE against a framework of skills that allows teachers to track and monitor the progress of each child. Assessment may take the form of teacher observations, pupil self-assessments, pupil peer-assessments, games and competitions.


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