ScoPay is the online payment system that we use at Tirlebrook. As part of our cashless system, ScoPay makes paying for school dinners, school events, school trips and visits, breakfast club and after school club etc. quick and easy.

When your child joins our school, ScoPay login details and instructions will be sent to you enabling you to register for a ScoPay account. Parents credit money to their child’s account online via the website with a debit card which then allows them to order, book and make payment. 

In addition to making online, cashless payments, we also use ScoPay for parents to book appointments to speak with teachers about their child during planned parent / teacher conferences (Parents Evenings).

If you have forgotten or have misplaced your ScoPay details, please contact our school office by e-mail and a member of the team will arrange to resend the details to you.



How do I set up my SCOPAY account for the first time?

When a pupil joins the School, their parents/carers are issued with ScoPay login details and a step-by-step activation guide. It is very straightforward to set up an account. Parents/Carers who have more than one child at the school (or a different school who also use ScoPay for online payments) can link their accounts to a single login.

Who should I speak to for help?

Please get in touch with the school office and a member of the team will assist you with your enquiry.

What cards can I use?

SCOPAY accepts Visa debit and Maestro cards.

Is it safe to use ScoPay to pay online?

Yes. In fact, it is as safe to pay online with ScoPay as it is to use your debit card in a shop or over the phone. ScoPay uses leading technology to process card transactions securely. All communication with the bank is encrypted. Neither ScoPay nor the school have access to your card details and your card details are never kept by ScoPay or the school.

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