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At Tirlebrook Primary School, we have designed an inspiring and engaging geography curriculum to capture the imagination of all children who attend our school.

Throughout their time at Tirlebrook Primary School, it is our intention that all children will follow a carefully structured sequence of lessons and topics that progressively equip them with the necessary skills to achieve the very best they can. Lessons and topics will seek to steadily develop, secure and build our children’s geographical knowledge and vocabulary, enabling them to express themselves confidently and articulately.

It is our intention that all children at Tirlebrook Primary School will develop, and share in, a growing appreciation of the world around them while learning about the human and physical geography of the world we live in. Through an increasing knowledge of human and physical geography at a local, national, international and global scale, it is our intention that children at Tirlebrook Primary School will acquire an awareness of their place in the diverse world they live in, recognise how they can enjoy living in it and secure an understanding of the responsibility they have for living in it.

Through a broad, balanced and challenging geography curriculum, all children at Tirlebrook Primary School will be exposed to enjoyable practical and first-hand experiences that promote curiosity, creativity, independence and teamwork. It is our aim to highly motivate all children at Tirlebrook Primary School in their geography learning by fully immersing them in and exposing them to the vast range of geographical areas of study available. 

We strive to ensure that all children at Tirlebrook Primary School develop a growing interest and resilience to explore themes that interest them, leading them to be fully prepared to study geography in the next stage of their immediate and future learning.


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