Eco Council

2021 - 2022 Eco Council Leaders

Year 1 Abigail & Oliver
Year 2 Charlie & Ellcie
Year 3 Jayden & Lola
Year 4 Bella & Oliver
Year 5 Chaya & Matthew
Year 6 Katie, Naomi, Charlie & Rosie

Meet the Team

Eco Team Litter Pick (23.9.21)

"I just don't understand why people drop litter!"

Charlie (Year 2)

It's been an active start to the year for the Eco Team as they have already been out and about, busy helping the environment!

In our first meeting of the year, members of the Eco Team walked to Derek Graham Memorial Park in Newtown and carried out a 'Litter Pick'!

Children kitted themselves out in gloves and high visibility jackets and were very industrious as they completed their mission to clear the park of litter.

The Eco Team are now inspired to set up regular Litter Picks in the school grounds and beyond in order to help protect our environment and make the environment a better place for everyone!

"We have collected loads of litter but it is disappointing that people dropped it in the first place!"

Jayden (Year 3)