School Council

Tirlebrook School Council work hard to make sure that all the children at our school have a say. Each year in Autumn Term elections are held and the children vote for their representatives.

This year's School Council are:

Year 1:   Jack Richards

Year 2:   Ryan Hunt

Year 3:  Emily Till & Annabelle Walker

 Year 4:  Tilly Burton & Elliot Carter

 Year 5:  William Bethel & Leah Trust

 Year 6:   Aoife Kelly & Poppy Radbourne

School Council listen to the children they represent and work to make things happen. They set themselves targets to achieve each year and hold regular meetings. They organise and run activities around the school, have had a tyre park and trim trails installed, organise play equipment for playtimes and have supported a range of charities.

During our annual Choose Kindness Anti-bullying Week School Council organise a range of activities involving the whole school. This has included the children working in their classes on trust exercises and random acts of kindness, collaborating in their house teams to prepare and perform anti-bullying presentations, awareness raising about cyber-bullying, organising a blue cake sale and putting on a Blue Day.

52 Lives at Tirlebrook

The '52 Lives' charity was set up in 2013 with the aim of helping to change someone’s life every week of the year through the power of collective kindness. 52 Lives empowers children by helping them to realise that they as individuals can make a difference to someone’s life. In February 2018 all our children took part in workshops run by 52 lives this week. We are aiming to inspire them to help others and to realise the two-way benefits of kindness whilst working as a team and thinking creatively about being kind.

Fantastic Fundraising 2017 - 2018

One of our school's core values is Community, and it has been great to support a number of different charities so far this year. Earlier in the term, we raised money for MacMillan Cancer Research and Jeans for Genes, and more recently we have been involved in fundraising for Bullying UK, Children in Need and Wear It Pink. We were also able to celebrate raising in excess of £800 through holding a Readathon for the charity Read For Good. We are delighted to inform you that thanks to your efforts and support, we have been able to send off £233.60 to Bullying UK through funds raised by selling wristbands and School Council’s ever popular cake sale, £196.07 to Children in Need from our ‘Spotty’ Day and a total of £231.87 to Wear It Pink! combining the money raised by everyone coming to school wearing pink just before half term with the amount raised by Mrs Jones, Mr Lockley, Mrs Perry and Miss Streeter as they completed the Gloucester 10k. Congratulations to our whole school community for getting behind these fantastic causes.

Anti-Bullying Week at Tirlebrook

Each year our School Council organise and run a whole week of activities and events including a blue cake sale, selling anti-bullying bands and running a anti-bullying activities and competitions.

Anti-Bullying Week 2016 at Tirlebrook

In 2016 our School Council organised and ran a whole week of activities and events on the theme of 'Power For Good' including organising House Harmony time, selling anti-bullying bands and running a 'Great Tirlebrook Bake Off' competition & cake sale.

The school hall was decorated with blue anti-bullying bunting designed in House Harmony time and the whole school turned blue together to show their support for School Council's anti-bullying awareness raising on Blue Friday. 

Make a NO!SE! about bullying
Make a NO!SE! about bullying